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  Pressure Washing Services

  Deck Cleaning  Many companies claim to "clean and seal" decks, but ProWorks uses the proper techniques to ensure that your deck is protected, without damaging your wood during the cleaning process

  Concrete Cleaning & Sealing  Concrete should be cleaned and sealed or waterproofed periodically to prevent dirt, oil, and grease build-up.

  Masonry Cleaning & Restoration  Masonry cleaning ranges from paint wash stain removal to lightly soiled brick or block to extremely pollution ridden buildings.

  Graffiti Removal  Studies show that removing graffiti within the first 24 to 48 hours results in a nearly zero rate of reoccurrence.

  Siding Cleaning  In most cases aluminum or vinyl siding can be cleaned to look like new.

  Gutter Cleaning  Your gutters should be cleaned thoroughly at least 2 times per year.

  Roof Cleaning  A dirty roof isn't only unsightly, but also retains moisture and harbors pests that can lead to the early deterioration of your shingles and sub-roof.

Pittsburgh Chandelier Cleaner

  Pittsburgh Chandelier Cleaning

ProWorks cleans difficult to reach and fragile chandeliers in foyers, dinning rooms, ball rooms, churches, hotels and theaters. We can also clean and maintain those hard to reach areas in your home or building such as ceiling fans, light fixtures (interior & exterior) and high ledges. Call today to speak with one of our trained cleaning technicians.

Chandelier Cleaning in Pittsburgh

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